M83 - "I Need You" from Divergent Soundtrack


M83 are at it again, contributing music to Hollywood. Don't nobody stop them.

"I Need You" is not exactly the crown jewel of the Divergent soundtrack (we're still betting on Kendrick Lamar and Tame Impala's update on "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"), but its a hell of a runner up.

If you're a fan of the French electronic band, you already know that M83 have always been epic and cinematic in their approach to making music. It really goes without saying that "I Need You" doesn't shy away from this tried-and-true formula, in fact, it revels in it. It's really EPIC and CINEMATIC. Listen below:

The Divergent soundtrack is out March 11, while the film is out March 22. Now that we've heard M83's cut, we're still waiting on Kendrick Lamar/Tame Impala, A$AP Rocky, Chance the Rapper and Ellie Goulding's respective cuts to drop.