Mac DeMarco - "Passing Out Pieces"

Mac DeMarco Salad Days

You knew it was coming after that pussy-related promo video - here's a first single from Mac DeMarco's upcoming third record, Salad Days, "Passing Out Pieces." In case you forgot during Mac's unceasing tour and that set-closing covers medley of "Taking Care of Business," "Break Stuff," and a very pitch-shifted "Blackbird," dude's not just a comedian, he's a pretty damn skilled songwriter - and "Passing Out Pieces" evidences that in spades, with a tight, catchy synth groove underlying his lackadaisical vocals. (I can't believe I just actually used that word, but it totally works, right?). Salad Days is, appropriately, out April 1.

Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

01 Salad Days
02 Blue Boy
03 Brother
04 Let Her Go
05 Goodbye Weekend
06 Let My Baby Stay
07 Passing Out Pieces
08 Treat Her Better
09 Chamber of Reflection
10 Go Easy
11 Johnny's Odyssey