Madonna - Revolver (ft. Lil Wayne)


The Andy Warhol Drag Queen art is growing on me, but still might give me nightmares. Click for glorious hi-res.


Madge and Weezy. That sounds filthy, and if you're a pop culture junkie, those three words can bring a whirlwind of excitement or dread. As you might have guessed, I fall into the former category.

"Revolver" will be included in Madonna's third greatest hits compilation, Celebration. The compilation already includes the nostalgic, 90's-fueled dance number and first single, "Celebration." With "Revolver," Her Madgesty comes full circle, sucking the life of modern pop music as we know it — or music that includes that, oh so coveted, "[ft. Lil Wayne]". Madonna can be credited and charged with taking a huge part in shaping the pop music we listen to today. Just about every massive, international superstar walking the earth today owes Madonna their career.

The funny thing about that is that "Revolver" bares a striking resemblance to Britney Spears' "Radar." Not a fleeting, barely-there resemblance, but an in-your-face, the-way-"Poker Face"-sounds-like-"Just Dance" kind of way. The only difference is that I don't think Madonna could have done "Revolver" without Lil Wayne. On this track, we hear one of Lil Wayne's catchiest and well-structured verses in a long while.

But after all has been said and done, "Revolver" is a good track. It even edges out its big sibling "Radar." Don't underestimate Madge and Weezy. Listen to "Revolver" here