Male Bonding - "The Itch"

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Practically every week I mention in an album-announcement blurb on this blog how 2013 is shaping up to be The Best Year Ever. I hate to be so predictable, but here's this week's "2013 is shaping up to be the best year ever:" here's a new single from the UK trio Male Bonding, who have stayed largely silent since releasing 2011's Endless Now. "The Itch" isn't necessarily an indicator of a new record, but we're allowed to be excited about a song that's this awesome, right?

That rollicking chorus, the singalong keyboard bit, the noodling guitar line through the verses - we're kind of in love. We might be allowed to be doubly excited, because the band have steadily, sneakily been releasing new songs via their YouTube channel for the past few weeks - you can also stream "That's Your Lot" and "It's Called Structure," which are also excellent, irresistible pop-punk cuts. Stay tuned - maybe we'll get an album announcement soon. We know for sure that something is coming soon on Male Bonding's own label Paradise Vendors, Inc.