Max Tannone: Jaydiohead (Jay-Z x Radiohead) - The Encore


Talented producer Max Tannone (formerly known as Minty Fresh Beats), who was responsible for the critically acclaimed Jay-Z/Radiohead mash-up album Jaydiohead, has returned with an encore. This five-song encore, once again, finds two of the most prolific artists of our time clashing note by note, in utterly beautiful symmetry.


Is it just me, or does Jaydiohead + The Encore need mass market exposure, a la Collision Course? Hopefully not.

1. Jaydiohead - Air Roc
2. Jaydiohead - Life There
3. Jaydiohead - Reckoner's Encore
4. Jaydiohead - Song and Cry
5. Jaydiohead - December Backdrifts