Maximum Balloon - "Quantum Exit"


If you recall, Maximum Balloon is TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek's increasingly impressive solo project. Sitek's debut album, also called Maximum Balloon, is out September 21 and features vocals from TV on The Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' front woman Karen O and up-and-coming rapper Theophilus London, among others. This new track, "Quantum Exit" won't actually be on the album but is found on the B side of the album's first single, "Tiger". Stream it below:

The trumpet-led instrumental track sizzles and soars, boasting shimmering, ethereal synths with some nasty trip-hop percussion slathered on top for good measure. All we need is an entrepreneurial rapper to come over and spit all over it. Really, "Quantum Exit" is the product of studio masturbation from a producer who is obviously at the top of his game and in complete control of his instrument(s). And you have to acknowledge that with B-sides this good, Maximum Balloon has got to be nothing short of stellar.

Pre-order the album from Insound and get the "Tiger" 7" (which, like I said earlier, comes with "Quantum Exit") for free.