Mika - We Are Golden


Mika’s back, and this time with more Divo power and Broadway lust it seems. The first single off his sophomore debut features the same title as the LP, and includes a full-blown backup chorus.


‘We are Golden’ has quite the catchy tune and the message is nothing but inspirational. However, it just seems like this track would be better suited as part of the soundtrack for a Fame musical spinoff.

If you were a Mika fan before this, then I’m sure you will enjoy ‘We are Golden’.

However, if you didn’t like Mika or were indifferent to his music beforehand, then this track probably won’t win you over.

There are several remixes that have come out, and I will say I prefer almost every single one to the original. My two favorites are the Calvin Harris remix and the Jokers of the Scene remix. They take away the Broadway pomp that might turn off some fans.

Verdict: Over the top & show-tune-y, but true to Mika’s style. His message throughout the track is quite noble, and I imagine this to be a good inspirational anthem for the young non-conformists out there.

Click here to listen to “We are Golden” and selected remixes.

Mika - We Are Golden (Calvin Harris Remix) | mp3
Mika - We Are Golden (Jockers of the Scene 'Are Not Who You Think They Are' Remix) | mp3