Mikal Cronin Shares "Made My Mind Up," Announces MCIII

He played every track on the record, including french horn.
mikal cronin

Obviously we totally believe Ty Segall sideman and solo power-pop auteur Mikal Cronin can do no songwriting wrong, but dude's not very creative when it comes to naming records. He's just announced his third solo LP, MCIII (yep, it follows up MCII and his self-titled debut), and shared "Made My Mind Up," a sunny, nostalgic pop track with a really cool, dynamic-shifting chorus that'll keep you on your toes while you listen. It's also pretty impressive given Cronin played every instrument on the album and arranged the strings. Check out "Made My Mind Up" below while you peruse the album's tracklist - we're psyched to hear that six-part suite at the end. MCIII is out May 3rd.

Mikal Cronin, MCIII:
01 “Turn Around”
02 “Made My Mind Up”
03 “Say”
04 “Feel Like”
05 “I’ve Been Loved”
06 “i) Alone”
07 “ii) Gold”
08 “iii) Control”
09 “iv) Ready”
10 “v) Different”
11 “vi) Circle”