Check Out: Mikal Cronin - "Weight"

mikal cronin

You might know Mikal Cronin from Ty Segall's band (live and on last year's Slaughterhouse), where he plays bass and contributes occasional backing vocals, but lately he's started making his mark on his own. "Weight" is the second single and opening track from his upcoming sophomore solo record, MCII, which'll be released by his new label Merge this Spring, and it perfectly showcases Cronin's rather peerless pop songwriting skills - a lilting piano line at the beginning draws you into simple guitar riffs, Cronin's sweet and compelling vocals, and world-weary lyrics ("I'm not ready for another day" - we feel you, dude!), then the whole thing breaks into a catchy garage-rock stomp. We can't wait to hear the rest of the record - it's out May 7. Check it out.