MØ - "Never Wanna Know"

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We love  much - with her singular voice and knack for charmingly odd, instantly catchy production, the Copenhagen weird-pop singer is one of the most promising new talents of 2013. She's putting out an excellently-titled EP soon called Bikini Daze, and here's another taste from it to follow up the badass, Diplo-produced "XXX 88," the more subdued ballad "Never Wanna Know." This one might fit on, like, the Grease soundtrack, or a somewhat more interesting Lana Del Rey record - over a classic, girl-group-y backbeat,  gets serious about a lost love whose new life she just doesn't want to know about. Try to not get chills - we dare you! Bikini Daze is out October 20 - you'll have no trouble putting this on repeat in the meantime. Check it out.