Moonface - "Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark"

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Last time we heard from Spencer Krug's Moonface project, he was playing with the Finnish post-rock band Siinai for their collaborative 2012 LP as Moonface and SiinaiHeartbreaking Bravery. But Krug's made a new Moonface LP, this time totally solo, for release this year - here's our first taste, "Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark," a hyper-minimalist, spine-tingling anthem that figures just Krug and a piano alone against silence. We guarantee it'll be the most chillingly beautiful thing you hear today. Krug's new LP's called Julia with Blue Jeans On, and it'll be out October 29 - put "Noah" on repeat while you wait.

Julia With Blue Jeans On:

01 Barbarian
02 Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is the Ark
03 Barbarian II
04 November 2011
05 Dreamy Summer
06 Julia With Blue Jeans On
07 Love the House You're In
08 First Violin
09 Black Is Back in Style
10 Your Chariot Awaits