MP3: Mos Def - "Niggas in Poorest" (Jay-Z & Kanye West Cover)

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The artist formerly known as Mos Def (he goes by his Muslim name Yasiin Bey now) is embarking on the massive undertaking that is his Top 40 Underdog project, quasi-covering big radio hits. The first track to undergo the treatment is Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris” – “Niggas in Poorest” to Bey, who tweaks the original’s nonstop stream of brags into an anthem for the 99% by cutting up the beat sometimes beyond recognition. “Who the fuck is Margiela?” he spits at one great moment. It’s awesome to hear how something with the same beat and rhythm can have such a different sentiment. Check it out.

YASIIN BEY (MOS DEF)"Niggas in Poorest"