Mount Kimbie + King Krule - "You Took Your Time"

mount kimbie

"You Took Your Time," Mount Kimbie's new single with the invaluable King Krule, is far from being the instant-crush pop song that "Made To Stray" is, but Krule's forlorn performance is, like in anything he does, utterly captivating.

It carries the weight of some of The Streets' earlier material. Both "Blinded by the Lights" and "Weak Become Heroes" come to mind. But again, it fails to deliver the instant satisfaction even those songs offer. After you listen to "You Took Your Time" a few times, though, you begin to feel like maybe things are better this way. You begin to notice that once you've been hypnotized by King Krule and Mount Kimbie's melty canvas, the slightest deviation in the song's percussive elements suddenly feel like the pop climax you've been waiting for.

Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is out May 27.