Mount Kimbie & King Krule - "You Took Your Time" (Lee Gamble remix)


It's a mark of how good this year's been for music that we shamefully forgot how much we love Mount Kimbie's Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. Thankfully for us (along with any of the rest of you who let them slip your minds too), the duo's putting out a remix EP soon, featuring re-ups of some songs from the record by artists like Oneman and Lee Gamble, whose gander with "You Took Your Time" is available to stream now. It's more a deconstruction than a remix, but that's a good thing - Gamble strips out almost all of King Krule's vocals, leaving only a heavily-edited, robotic-sounding tag to break the echoing, limbo-y, post-apocalyptic drones he evinces from Mount Kimbie's original. Check it out. CSFLY Remixes is out October 29.