mp3: FKA Twigs, "Two Weeks" (Figgy Remix)

Download a remix of the LP1 single

To me, FKA Twigs' "Two Weeks" was a revelation, a force that provided me with this euphoric sensation that I wanted to share with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, for many of my more hyperactive, strictly house music-abiding friends, putting them on something as progressive but otherworldly as "Two Weeks" was surely a task in futility. But with Figgy's new remix of the LP1 cut, however, this can change. Rather than completely revamping the song - which mind you, would have also been interesting - the producer maintained much of the song's original foundation, and built on top of that, layering beats and drops that will meet the standards of any house junkie. While for purists such as myself, the original is indeed superior, it's always nice to have a Plan B.