MP3: Tanlines - "O Seizing the Day O"

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Brooklyn production duo Tanlines both used to be affiliated with one of my favorite underrated dance-pop bands, Professor Murder, and while their new project might be a little less accessible, they never lose sight of that excellent pop sensibility. For new compilation Volume On, the group recruited the Rapture’s Luke Jenner to throw vocals on a great, stuttering dance-reggae banger called “O Seizing the Day O.”

It’s probably the worst possible season to get this song in your arsenal, because it’s going to make you want to make some fruity alcoholic beverage and then drink it in your yard and do an embarrassing dance. The beat’s irresistible, Jenner’s voice and lyrics are great – this might be the best thing Tanlines have done yet. Take a listen and download it below:

DOWNLOAD: Tanlines - O Seizing The Day O f/ Luke Jenner