Ms. Lauryn Hill - "Consumerism"


Lauryn Hill was released from prison this morning after serving a three month sentence for tax evasion, and she's celebrating by releasing a new piece of music, "Consumerism," she recorded before her commitment. Even while behind bars, she worked via email and visitations with her producers to put the track together. Like the last single she released, "Neurotic Society," it's a fantastic showcase of a woman with too much talent for any earthly medium - even with a fantastic beat anchoring her, Lauryn acts like she's a capella, blowing through "-isms" with a fury that'll send chills up your spine. The track serves as part 1 as "Letters From Exile" - we're still not sure exactly what that is, but it does mean this won't be the last new material we hear from Lauryn for a while. Stay tuned.