Muse - Resistance / Undisclosed Desires



Opening with ambient sounds, quickly transforming into rolling drums, the titular track to Muse's Resistance, hits its stride with a sing-along chorus, "it could be wrong, could be wrong." You might even say that "Resistance" is 2009's "Starlight."

This might be a premature summation on my part, but having listened to Muse's Resistance once through, I can say that "Resistance" (the song) gives you the general feel of the album. So it might be a good idea for you to listen to it:

The song runs a bit long at 5 minutes and 47 seconds, and it doesn't get much across. Which is the general feeling of the album, honestly. On "Resistance," Muse claim but a corner of what they accomplished with their previous works. It feels as if the band is tip-toeing around familiar ground showing little-to-no desire to grow, or to even match previous efforts.

This is, of course, not to say that it this song, or the album are bad. Not at all. With Resistance, Muse is contently squared away, celebrating their static musical relevance and position above mediocrity.

As a bonus, here is another track off the album, "Undisclosed Desires," it's been making the rounds lately and guess what? It sounds like a beat/instrumental Kid Cudi would die for. Hell, even a hook he would die for. Somebody please get Cudi on this track. I smell fire.

The Resistance hits stores September 14th.