Muse - "Survival" (Official 2012 London Olympics Song)


The Olympics are coming up and we so excited! For the displays of athletic prowess, the international comraderie, the eye candy, and for all the Olympic theme songs, including this very Queen-esque track (we’re not complaing) from Muse, “Survival.”

You might as well blast this throughout all the running events – if there’s one thing this band can do really well, it’s anthemic, driving numbers that sound like aural adrenaline, perfect soundtracks for sprinting in slow-motion from either explosions or a starting block. The lyrics are a little blunt – “It’s a race! And I’m gonna win!” – but Matt Bellamy’s delivery is so intense, it doesn’t matter. Check it out.

In related news, Musemay be releasing a dubstep album (but probably not).