Muse - Uprising


Muse is officially back with their upcoming album The Resistance and its first single, "Uprising." About a week ago, the band leaked "United States of Eurasia / Collateral Damage" to mixed feelings on my part. "Uprising" does very little to help set these feelings straight.


"Uprising" tries less to imitate Freddie Mercury, and focuses on delivering a synth-laden, irrefutably danceable anthem The Killers would be jealous of. For better or for worse, "Uprising" is typical Muse nosh — conspiracy, big government, Orwellian fan fare. Stylistically, "Uprising" is reminiscent of my favorite Muse track, "Time Is Running Out" — for better, without a doubt.

Catch Muse performing "Uprising" at this year's MTV VMAs in September. Buy The Resistance September 14th. Listen to "Uprising" here.