Music From Gossip Girl: Season 3, Episode 1



We used to do this thing where Gossip Girl's and Chuck's episodic music selections would go head to head in a "showdown" and you, the beautiful readers, would vote for your favorite playlist. After Gossip Girl's continual ass-kicking, I decided to move on from Chuck and onto the slightly hipper 90210. While being a bit more of a competitor, Gossip Girl still creamed 90210 in the polls. Instead of moving on to other music-savvy shows (i.e. Entourage, etc.), I think it's time we just focused on the show that has had great music for over two seasons now.

Alex Pastavas, the music supervisor for Gossip Girl (as well as Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, The OC, Mad Men, and Twilight) has done a great job on the show's music and is keeping it up for the show's third season, which premiered last night. The season premiere featured one of this year's favorite new artists, Miike Snow, as well as the cute, indie-pop duo Matt & Kim. They also brought in fresh faces (to me anyway), Brakes with their catchy tune "Oh! Forever." Here is Episode 1's full playlist:

Gossip Girl, Season 3, Episode 1: Reversals of Fortune

- Hot little number for the last few days of summer. Can also be found on the Grand Theft Auto IV OST. Highly Recommended.

Time Machine - Something We're Becoming - I don't have this mp3, nor could I find it anywhere. It's pretty great. Listen to it on lala for now.

- A fantastic Miike Snow track that hasn't been played to death (i.e. "Animal," "Burial," "Cult Logic"). This song was probably the episode's highest point. It worked remarkably well.

- This song was used in a horse chase,  believe it or not. Not that it's all that hard to believe. I've seen Matt & Kim live a couple of times this year, and they're great, fun performers and nice, hilarious people. They deserve all of their success. "Don't Slow Down" is one of the best tracks off their sophomore album Grand.

brakesbrakesbrakes - Oh! Forever - Another song I couldn't get my hands on, "Oh! Forever" can be found on brakesbrakesbrakes' album Touchdown, which was released earlier this year. You can listen to it on lala.