N.E.R.D. - Soldier (ft. Santigold)


The boys of N.E.R.D. are back with their forthcoming album Instant Gratification. “Solider” — featuring Santigold — is the first possible single from the group’s new album. Pharrell and the boys have not confirmed if it will or will not be on the LP. They have been performing the song live for a while now, but we finally have a studio quality track to gratify our ears.

The single is different from the usual N.E.R.D sound, but still highly enjoyable. It's rock/punk funky beat grows on you after a few listens (really, give this track a few listens before passing judgment). “Solider” captures the fact that N.E.R.D. has created their own niche in the music world, straying away from defined genes, which is why they have caught many people’s attention.

The band has a new female singer, Rhea, bringing a new light to their sound and growing excitement towards the upcoming album. Instant Gratification is due out in sometime in 2010. Listen to "Soldier" below: