New Album: The Black Keys - Turn Blue


Akron, Ohio rockers, The Black Keys have teamed up with producer Danger Mouse for their new album, Turn Blue, which will be out on May 13. The album will be the first from the band since 2011's excellent El Camino, which was also produced by Danger Mouse.

Building on the goodwill built by their 2010 LP Brothers, El Camino was a huge commercial success, selling over 200k copies in its début week and ultimately moving 1.1M discs in North America. This mainstream success earned the Black Keys Album and Record of the Year nominates at the 55th Grammy Awards.

Turn Blue's first single, "Fever" was released today, and sounds every bit a hit as "Lonely Boy" did back in 2011.

The Black Keys, Turn Blue Tracklist:
01 Weight of Love
02 In Time
03 Turn Blue
04 Fever
05 Year in Review
06 Bullet in the Brain
07 It’s Up to You Now
08 Waiting on Words
09 10 Lovers
10 In Our Prime
11 Gotta Get Away