New Album: Curen$y - Muscle Car Chronicles


LA rapper Curren$y’s announced a bunch of records via his twitter that have never received a release date, but surprise! – he’s just dropped one of them out of the blue, the long-awaited Muscle Car Chronicles, a supposed movie soundtrack that features tracks recorded as long ago as 2010. You can check out first track “Soundbombin” now (believe it or not, that’s probably the record’s least interesting song title – that honor goes to “Razors and Cupcakes”) – it’s only a minute and a half long, but that’s all the time Curren$y and producer Sean O’Connell need to make an electrifying impression over a massive, fantastic beat. Check it out.

Muscle Car Chronicles track list:
01. Soundbombin’
02. N.O. Shit
03. Frosty
04. Razors and Cupcakes
05. Not So Much
06. Fly Out (Part Deux)
07. Bout It 2011
08. The Strangest Life
09. Fly Out (Part Tres) [ft. Sir Michael Rocks and Tabi Bonney]