New Album: Jack White - Lazaretto

Listen to new song, "High Ball Stepper" now.
Jack White, Lazaretto

Jack White's back with a followup to his 2012 solo debut Blunderbuss - it's called Lazaretto and it'll be out via White's own record label, Third Man, in June. Other than that, we don't know much - he's given us only a little to go on with an instrumental leaked track hilariously titled "High Ball Stepper," which features a lot of very Jack White-ian guitar, truly filthy distortion, and creepy piano chords; the end product sounds like something you'd hear in a futuristic space western steampunk strip club, which is probably the point. We also know there'll be a limited edition version of the record available that'll include demos, posters, and an art book. Stay tuned for more - apparently, the lead single "Lazaretto" will be out in the middle of this month, and the record's scheduled for June 10.