Listen to new releases from Lupe Fiasco & Paul White/Danny Brown

Lupe Fiasco delivers a solid 7; frequent collaborators Paul White & Danny Brown drop a new EP
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Lupe Fiasco

In a good Friday for rap fans, we have new releases from Lupe Fiasco and the Paul White-Danny Brown dream team. 

Lupe Fiasco follows up his underrated Tetsuo & Youth (2015) with Drogas Light, a new album he has honestly reviewed as a 7 out of 10. No, it’s true—Lupe has described the new album as a “somewhat of a mixed bag” and “more of a curation of pre-existing material which shared similar properties” with “a few new pieces.” While that doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence, Drogas Light is worth a listen. Listen on Apple Music and Tidal. Or stream it via Spotify below.

If you're short on time, R&S has released a new EP from hip-hop producer Paul White featuring the man who made him famous, Danny Brown. The four-track EP is actually just two new songs with Brown and their instrumentals. It blows by like a breeze. Listen on Apple Music. Stream it on Spotify below.