New: Alt-J, "Hunger Of The Pine"

Alt-J share a really weird new song from their upcoming album, This Is All Yours.
Alt-J Hunger Of The Pine

Last week we got word that Alt-J were releasing their new album, This Is All Yours in September, and now we can hear the album's first single, "Hunger of the Pine."

It's a weird song, even for Alt-J, who seem to take nerdy pleasure in making mathematically strange pop songs for the festival crowd. For one, it drops the guitar, opting instead for synth blips and slowly building orchestration, reminding us a lot of Wild Beasts' earliest work. The elephant in the room, however, is clearly that Miley Cyrus sample. Not exactly using it as a hook, Alt-J throw into the mix a sound byte of Miley's awful Bangerz cut "4x4," making you for a brief second believe that you are accidentally playing two songs at once. It's jarring and brilliant and, hell, we can't keep the song off repeat.

This Is All Yours is out September 23.