New: Avi Buffalo, "So What"

Hear the first single from the band's forthcoming new album, At Best Cuckold
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It's been years since we've heard anything from Avi Buffalo, the Long Beach, California-based outfit that captivated audiences with 2010's awesome "What's It In For?" Now, the band have announced their sophomore effort, the wonderfully titled At Best Cuckold, and have shared a new song called "So What." As Stereogum reports, frontman Avi Zahner-Isenberg is producing the album, which was recorded in L.A., San Fran and New York. "So What" is a bit more polished than the last we've heard from them, but Zahner-Isenberg's voice thankfully hasn't changed in the slightest. Peep it below; At Best Cuckold is out on September 9th via Sub Pop.