New: Baths, "Fade White"

One of the more club-geared tracks from Baths in recent time. Watch out though, it creeps up on you.

One minute into the new Baths track, I began to think to myself, 'lovely intro, but where's the bass?' And then, fifteen seconds later, I regretted the thought.

"Fade White" may take a little time getting in, but once it does, it's full throttle, one of the more consistently club-geared tracks Will Wiesenfeld has put out under the moniker in recent time. Save for "Ocean Death," mind you, the title track from his forthcoming EP. That's a monster.

That fluttery movement that takes place in the intro of "Fade White" carries on as the beat kicks in, reminiscent of a shaky door off its hinges. Somehow though, it's not perturbing, nor does it take away from Wiesenfeld's eerie falsetto, soothingly singing "come fade away with me." The Ocean Death EP drops on May 6th. Seems very promising at this point.