New: Bear in Heaven - "The Reflection of You"


Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven have done three absolutely genius things leading up to the release of their sophomore album – title that record I Love You, It’s Cool, stream it slowed down 400,000% starting in December (so it’ll finish on the album’s release date, get it?), and release a really fantastic first single called “The Reflection of You.”

It’s a hazy, nostalgic, blurry memory of a song, like some mostly-imagined quasi-recollection of walking down the middle of a closed street in a summer sunset while the sun catches in windows and sprinklers, maybe someone is playing Cut Copy or LCD Soundsystem somewhere – thick planes of chilly synth, driving percussion, bubbling keyboards – or maybe not. Whatever the case, it was beautiful. I Love You, It’s Cool is out April 3; in the meantime keep trying to make sense of that 400,000% slowed down stream.

BEAR IN HEAVEN – "The Reflection of You"