New Björk - "Virus" (from Biophilia)


It seems that avant-garde musicians always find more interesting ways to release their music (Flaming Lips anyone?). Icelandic experimental pop icon Björk has a serious hardline cult following, who've been watching intently as she's been promoting her forthcoming Biophilia project, a record where every song released will also have an accompanying app, available to download on your smartphone. 

We've heard and used first two songs/apps, “Cosmogony” and “Crystalline,” and now the songstress has released her latest single, “Virus,” a simply arranged number that highlights Björk's florescent vocals, backed with swiveling xylophone medleys and erratic bass loops. The app for “Virus” will include an interactive game that about viruses and diseased cells. Sounds fun. “Virus” the song is out digitally today, the app tomorrow; Biophilia drops September 27th via Nonesuch Records.

Björk - "Virus"