New Chiddy Bang - "Ray Charles"

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Following in the footsteps of Kanye and Jay-Z’sWatch the Throne homage to Otis Redding, Philly's Chiddy Bang give Ray Charles a well-deserved nod on a new track called, well, “Ray Charles.”

As always with Chiddy Bang, thanks to talented in-house producer Xaphoon Jones, the beat’s great, fitting the tune’s namesake with tons of piano and a choir of Motown singers. And thanks to Chiddy himself, who recently broke a world record with an eight-hour freestyle – well, let’s just say giving him only a four-minute window to rap in makes the final product dense with fantastic, deft verses. The track will appear on their long awaited debut album Breakfast, out February 28th – in the meantime, listen to “Ray Charles” a million times.

Chiddy Bang - "Ray Charles"