New: Christopher Owens, "Stephen"

The former Girls frontman is back with a gospel-influenced piano ballad

When Girls broke up in 2012, it deeply saddened the indie music lover community. Not often does a band come around with such promise, with lyrics relentlessly dedicated to heartbreak and the over-usage of narcotics. Frontman Christopher Owens assured us that he'd still be around, and kept true to his word with his first solo album, Lysandre, even if it was a tad disappointing. Owens returned in March with "It Comes Back To You," and has now revealed a new track called "Stephen."

"Stephen" displays those subtle gospel influences that were apparent on Girls' last LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, backed by a wonderful piano melody that plays in unison with Owens' somber, yet slightly hopeful, delivery. Like "Vomit," "Stephen" starts off as a lovely ballad that grows, eventually enveloped with noisy guitar riffs and gospel-laced backup vocals. According to Owens, "I think it's a song unlike anything I've ever worked on."