New: Coldplay, "Ghost Story," "All Your Friends" & "O (Part 2 - Reprise)"

Hear three bonus songs from Ghost Stories

Coldplay released their latest album, Ghost Stories, today, their first since Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow consciously uncoupled (read our review of it here). As stadium bands like them are prone to do, they recorded a few extra tracks that didn't make the cut, but do appear as bonus songs on the Target edition of the album - makes sense, Target is where I do all of my music shopping. You can stream all three below via Soundcloud and YouTube. Concerning "All Your Friends and "O (Part 2 - Reprise)" it's understandable as to why they didn't make it on the final version. "Ghost Story," however, is pretty strong, a breezy, acoustic ballad that's reminiscent of the band's earlier work. Curious that it only appears as a bonus as it is kind of the title track. Check them all out below.

UPDATE: "O (Part 2 - Reprise)" has been removed from the web, but "Ghost Story" and "All Your Friends" are still streaming: