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New: Deerhunter - "Curve"

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Atlanta’s finest ambient punk four-piece Deerhunter have been all too quiet since the release of their fantastic fourth full-length Halcyon Digest in 2010, but they dropped a new instrumental track today on Blonde Redhead frontwoman Kazu Makino’s Japan tsunami relief compilation We Are the Works in Progress, which’ll also feature exclusive tracks from Four Tet, Interpol, Liars, and the Knife, among others.

Deerhunter’s contribution “Curve” sits comfortably among the ranks of their best moments of vaguely creepy, proto-chillwave droney ambience (the instrumental tracks on Cryptograms and Weird Era Cont. come to mind), but when that subtle, dreamy beat drops in near the end you’ll remember that this is a band that can do pop pretty damn well too. The rest of the compilation drops February 7.