New: Dirty Projectors - "Dance For You"


“Dance For You” is far from the Dirty Projectors-est song title on Swing Lo Magellan, the band’s upcoming release, but it sure sounds like them – esoteric lyrics, a handclap backbeat, a deceptively simple guitar riff that gives way into a ridiculous distorted solo – with one big difference. Based on the single we’ve heard so far, it sounds like Swing Lo Magellan is the record where band mastermind Dave Longstreth really becomes a singer: he could have easily handed over the beautiful, complex melismas on this track to Amber Coffman or Haley Dekle, but instead carries out the whole thing himself, without a single yowl in sight. Check it out – listen in headphones for the full effect. Swing Lo Magellan drops July 10.