New: DJ Dodger Stadium (Jerome LOL & Samo Sound Boy), "Love Songs"

Hear the first single from the LA producers' joint album, Friend Of Mine

Last we heard from Jerome LOLhe was remixing BANKS' excellent "Goddess," but that hasn't stopped the Los Angeles producer/DJ from working on a new joint project with fellow LA musician and co-founder of the Body High imprint, Samo Sound Boy. The duo are prepping to release their debut album, Friend Of Mine, under the moniker DJ Dodger Stadium, and have just unveiled the lead single and first video with "Love Songs." Through its entirely, "Love Songs" slowly builds off the foundation of a stupendous sample - "lately I've been singing love songs by myself" - surrounded by jittery techno beats and futuristic sounding synths that feverishly escalate all the way till the end.

According to Samo Sound Boy, the song is the first track they wrote for the album and "ended up setting the tone for the whole thing." It's "about heartbreak and the hypnotic loneliness of Los Angeles," he added during an interview with the Fader. Fittingly, the video provides an aerial view of Los Angeles from various standpoints. Hear the song and watch the video below, directed by Daniel Pappas; DJ Dodger Stadium's debut, Friend Of Mine, is out on July 8th via Body High.