NEW: EMA, "Drown"

Hear the bonus tune from The Future's Void

Erika M. Anderson, better known as EMA, released her sophomore album this year with The Future's Void. Ultimately, it wasn't as much of a success as her debut - our own Samuel Tolzmann called it 'cold' - but I have to say, he might have been singing a bit of a different tune if bonus track "Drown" appeared on it. I mean, "Drown" is certainly below room temperature, but in the most exhilarating of ways. For one, your favorite progressive DJ could spin this at a club, albeit, one that only hipsters frequent, and you'd have no idea you were listening to an EMA song. Produced by Leif Shackleford, "Drown" is contagious, feverish, and overwhelming, sounding like the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic future film. Which brings to mind only one question: how the hell did she leave this off The Future's Void? Check it below: