New: FaltyDL, "Some Jazz Shit"

Plus a trailer for new album In The Wild which is streaming via Pornhub
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New York-based producer/beatsmith Drew Lustman a.k.a. FaltyDL recently announced that his fourth studio LP, the followup to last year's Hardcourage, will be released in August, while also sharing album cut "Do Me." Lustman has now resorted to a more unorthodox platform for releasing the trailer for the album, called In the Wild, debuting it on Pornhub. Mind you, it's not pornographic, or even slightly risque, but simply part of an art project he's doing with British artist Chris Shen in promotion of the album. You can check it out here, and also take in his latest, the appropriately titled "Some Jazz Shit," below. Must have taken him forever to name that one. The song is entirely dissimilar to its predecessor, but after all, Lustman is known for his versatility and eclectic range in music. Hear it below; In the Wild drops on August 12th.