NEW: Girls - "Broken Dreams Club"



Touchingly un-Googleable San Francisco band Girls got a lot of buzz and a lot of great reviews for their debut, 2009’s brilliantly -titled Album. Looking to follow up on that success, the band has been working on a new EP and album since the beginning of this year. If the EP's titular track “Broken Dreams Club” is any indication, it looks like the band have a good shot at continued success.

It’s a long slow dance of a song, wandering and emotional, with echoy guitar that recalls Grizzly Bear and the Walkmen, tender and restless lyrics delivered in frontman Christopher Owens’ sweet, Elvis Costello-esque falsetto: “I just wanna get high but everyone keeps bringing me down,” he croons, voice cracking, by way of a chorus. Over that Southern-rock sunrise of a slide guitar sound, nothing seems more relatable. The song winds down with a wah-wah trumpet solo that sounds like it’s coming to you through AM radio six hundred miles away, bouncing off the curve of the earth’s atmosphere or whatever amazing things radio waves can do: it’s a timeless kind of song. You’ll probably love it. Give it a listen.

Girls - "Broken Dreams Club"

Girls' Broken Dreams Club EP is out November 22. Pre-order it at Insound.