New Icona Pop: "Ready for the Weekend"


The Swedish duo Icona Pop have crafted maybe our favorite pop single of the year in "I Love It" - if that's not the #1 hands-in-the-air anthem of your whole life by now, we're not sure if we can be friends anymore - so we had high hopes for its follow-up, which comes in the form of "Ready for the Weekend." It's a little more experimental and less immediate than "I Love It," but that doesn't make it any less good: stuttering synths build up into a huge drop that's probably been designed in a lab to make you go nuts, and then Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo lay down diva vocals that ricochet from typical Top 40 fodder to distorted wails right out of a Skrillex song to a contemplative choir with a cloistered echo. And it works - that alone is enough to make this song remarkable.