New: James Blake - "Curbside"


In the past few weeks we’ve heard both early, unreleased demos and brand-new material from UK dubstep posterboy James Blake. “Curbside,” the latest track of Blake’s to hit the internet, is the third and final track on his upcoming EP Love What Happened Here and, frankly, it’s awesome.

Blake’s 2011 minimalist slant seems absent from “Curbside,” what with its maximally layered percussion and vocal samples and its dizzying, experimental construction, faithfully returning to what poised him to blow up in 2010. It’s indicative of Blake’s talent that he can master and maneuver between his two distinct comfort zones and continue to churn out unique material – his taste for the clubby and drone-y may not manifest on this track, but his innovative beatmaking still takes center stage.

Love What Happened Here is out December 11. Check out the EPs other two tracks – the title cut and b-side, "At Birth".