New Jay Electronica - "Call of Duty: MW3" f/ Mobb Deep

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Last time we heard from New Orleans Roc Nation member Jay Electronica, he was sampling John F. Kennedy and partnering up with Charlotte Gainsbourg. That was almost a year ago, and we’re still anxiously awaiting his debut record, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), which should supposedly arrive this year.

To tide us over until whenever that may be, Jay dropped a new song, “Call of Duty: MW3.” It’s got a hell of a beat, complex and percussive, but it never distracts from Jay and guest Mobb Deep preaching religious tolerance, remembering Steve Jobs, and bragging about making it “from Myspace to the top of the food chain.” Check it out.

Jay Electronica - "Call of Duty: MW3" f/ Mobb Deep