New: Jay Electronica - "Dear Moleskine"

Jay Electronica

Seems like Jay Electronica is joining the ranks of Hemingway and Wilde with his choice of notebook, and his non-prolific speed of production – new single “Dear Moleskine” (like the little black notebook of all your favorite modernists, duh!) has been in the works since at least 2009. Jay’s rhymes are smooth and diary-confessional, which is sweet, but what’s with that beat? Or rather, those beats –producer Just Blaze bounces from one backing track to another, awkwardly fading out and then back into an old-school, slow-mo, sun-drenched Cadillac montage-ready groove. We kind of wish they would’ve stuck with just one, and maybe extended Jay’s rap a bit – he likely only filled up one page of said Moleskine with that verse. Still no definite news on Act II: The Patents of Nobility, but stay tuned.