New: Kanye West - "Awesome"

Kim Kardashian West is really, really, really awesome.
Kanye Kim

Kanye West's laptop was reportedly stolen in Paris, and who ever took it is said to have access to many of Kanye's personal files. (Update:The New York Times is reporting that Kanye's laptop was not stolen. Phew.) We're sure it's just a coincidence that a brand new Kanye song, said to appear on his new album So Help Me God, has suddenly hit the internet.

Wherever it came from, Kanye slows it down again on "Awesome," a saccharine, Auto-tuned ballad with lyrics like—"Baby, you're awesome. I'm also awesome," and "You're so freaking tight"—dedicated to his wife. Kanye may be able to throw down bangers all day, but a large chunk of his new material has slowed it down, though this is the first time it's reached Prom Slow Dance status.

Check it out below (while you can):