New Kasabian - "Days Are Forgotten"


In September, English rockers Kasabian will release their upcoming album, Velociraptor!, exclamation point and all. We've already heard a bit of what's to come with the album's first single, "Switchblade Smiles".

The first single was very bass heavy and one of Kasabian's most electronically inclined tracks to date. It was also unapologetic and brash, I almost expected a cameo from the Beastie Boys in there somewhere.

This second teaser track, "Days Are Forgotten" recall Kasabian's older (and better) material, though it doesn't quite reach the explosive highs of their self-titled debut. It does however, sound like an angry Arctic Monkeys song, and that isn't so bad now, is it?

Kasabian - "Days Are Forgotten"