NEW: Kid Cudi - "Scott Mescudi vs. The Word" & "Marijuana"

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The self-personified “lonely stoner” Mr. Cudi brings his smooth flow and sweet, indie-pop-ish beats back into the limelight with two tracks from his upcoming Man on the Moon II, out November 9. On “Scott Mescudi vs. the World” (heh heh heh) Cudi drops two braggy verses and leaves the rest of the track to the smooth guest vocals of Cee-Lo Green and some sweet blended strings. The song doesn’t so much establish Cudi as an outsider in the game, as the title might suggest, but rather as a rapper so comfortable in his fame that he can rap for less than half of his own track.

Kid Cudi - "Scott Mescudi vs. The Word"

Continuing 2010’s weird tradition of men serenading weed with language customarily applied to a woman, wistful, piano-driven “Marijuana” clocks in at – of course – four minutes and twenty seconds. The beat’s nice and Cudi seems more involved than in the aforementioned "Scott Mescudi vs. The World", but I can’t shake the feeling that I liked this song better when it was Wavves’ “Green Eyes.”

Kid Cudi - "Marijuana"