New: Kitty, "emob0unce"

Check out the latest from our favorite new rapper around

One of our favorite new rapper's, Kitty, is back with a new EP called Impatiens, and an interesting titled track "??:?*??°??:?* emob0unce °??.?*??°?," the successor to February's woozy "285." Unlike the latter, the beat here is founded largely in hip hop - kind of sounds like oldschool Weezy at first - until it becomes glitchy bubble gum pop (that's been trending lately) finding Kitty donning both her rapper/singer personas.

Regarding the new EP, Kitty explains via her Bandcamp that:

impatiens are flowers that bloom in summer, and when the first frost comes they shrivel into nothing until the summer comes again. even though their lives are short, they can grow to be seven feet tall. there are hundreds of species, all of them bitter and toxic and beautiful in bloom.

these are the impatiens that grew in me last summer and i can’t believe i felt any of this dumb shit and i REALLY can’t believe i bothered writing all of them down (i was bitter and im still toxic). but they were beautiful in bloom, so once they shriveled into nothing i turned them into 5 silly songs 4 u.

Interesting analogy, but I'll take it. And if these last two tracks are any preview of what's to come, it seems likely that the rapper will entirely blow up in 2014. Check out “??:?*??°??:?* emob0unce °??.?*??°?” below which features vocalist Jake Aron. Impatiens is out on May 13th. You can pre-order it at her Bandcamp page.