New: La Roux, "Let Me Down Gently"

At long last, a new song from Elly Jackson and company.
La Roux

We've been awaiting a new record from La Roux since her self-titled 2009 debut spawned unexpected hits like "Bulletproof," and it looks like we might not have much longer to wait - with a record Trouble in Paradise on the way, we've finally got a taste of a new song, "Let Me Down Gently." It's a great listen, a grand, bold, clubby ballad that sees Elly Jackson and her band play to their strengths and whip up an epic, irresistible groove to back up Elly's one-of-a-kind vocals.

9-track effort Trouble in Paradise is out July 7.

La Roux, Trouble In Paradise Tracklist:
01 Uptight Downtown
02 Kiss and Not Tell
03 Cruel Sexuality
04 Paradise Is You
05 Sexotheque
06 Tropical Chancer
07 Silent Partner
08 Let Me Down Gently
09 The Feeling