New LCD Soundsystem "Drunk Girls"

lcd soundsystem.jpg

It's not a 30 second clip this time — "Drunk Girls", the first single from LCD Soundsystem's forthcoming still-untitled possibly-last album has finally hit the interwebs. The stream is hosted on YouTube, so if for any reason James Murphy and Co. want this off the internet, it won't last long. So go on, give "Drunk Girls" a listen while you still can. Quickly adapting to reality, Parlophone took down illegitimate streams of "Drunk Girls" and replaced it with their own full HD stream. Go on and listen: 

It's safe to say that "Drunk Girls" sounds almost like "North American Scum" Part deux. It's also safe to say that LCD Soundsystem's new album isn't much of a departure from Sound of Silver in terms of studio tricks and general sound. That's nothing to scoff at though; LCD Soundsystem's sound remains as unique and predatory as it sounded when "Losing My Edge" first hit the scene in 2002. And James Murphy's lyrics? Spot on, as always. Welcome Spring 2010's new anthem.

LCD Soundsystem's new album, last one or not, will be out May 17th.